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The Farewell Sermon | CSS | Essay

CSS Essay

After praising God and declaring the basic creed, ‘There is no deity but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger’, he went on to speak on various topics. Some of these statements have become the fundamental touchstones of the Islamic faith.

He quoted from the Quran: “O people, indeed, we have created you from a male and a female and made you nations and tribes so that you would recognize each other. Indeed, the most honorable of you, in the sight of God, is the most pious” (49: 13). All prejudices of color, caste, tribe and gender are done away with in this verse.

He went on to say, “Therefore, an Arab is not superior to a non-Arab, nor is a non-Arab superior to an Arab. Neither is a black person superior to a white, nor is a white person superior to a black. All human beings are from Adam, and Adam was created from dust.” All claims to preference and superiority, all claims of blood and wealth and all rights of vengeance have been crushed under my feet.”

He told the Qureish that God had destroyed their false pride and their boasting about the achievements of their ancestors: “O people, your blood and wealth and honor have been made inviolable on each other, forever … for all Muslims are brothers of one another. Take care of your slaves. Yes, take good care of your slaves. Feed them the same food that you eat and clothe them similarly.”

Then, the Prophet (PBUH) said, “I am leaving something with you. If you remain steadfast on it, you will never go astray; that is, the book of God and the practice of His Prophet. And remember; do not exaggerate in the matter of your faith. Those before you were destroyed because of this.”

Final Sermon & Women:

  1. He said that it was not lawful for a woman to give from her husband’s wealth without his consent.
  2. He specifically asked his followers to treat their women well, “…for they are bound to you and cannot do as they please. Fear God in regard to women, for it is in His name that you have acquired them and they have been made lawful for you with God’s permission”.
  3. He preached that men and women had rights over each other: “Your rights over them are that they should not call to them anyone whom you do not approve of. They should not betray your trust. If they indulge in shameless immorality, then you have been given the right to express your displeasure. But if they desist, then you should take good care of their needs, such as clothing and food.”

Final Sermon & Accountability

About accountability, he said, “From now on, the criminal alone will be responsible for his crime. Neither will the son be caught in place of his father, nor will the father be avenged in place of the son.”

For the one on whom illicit sex is proved, (with four eyewitnesses), the punishment is stoning. The ultimate judgment will be made by God on the Day of Judgment. He said that loans should be paid off and borrowed things should be returned.