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Duties & Skills Of Public Relations Officer (PRO)


A public relations officer (PRO) also known as Media Specialist, the spokesperson of a company or any organization. His main job is to establish & maintain good reputation of his department / company among the public & other stake holders.

A public relations officer (PRO) also known as Media Specialist, is the spokesperson of a company or any organization. His main job is to establish and maintain good reputation of his department/ company among the public and other stake holders. For this purpose, he is supposed to provide communication services, advising management about policies, planning communication activities and implementing them.

Because of the importance of PR, PROs find their scope in almost all the sectors including industrial or commercial firms, advertising agencies, financial institutions, government agencies, charitable organizations etc.

Functions/Duties of Public Relations Officer:

The duties of a PR Officer depend upon the type of organization he works in. But one can safely say that some of his main duties in almost every organization are;

  • Research- may include monitoring of public opinion about organization and its policies.
  • Giving advice to management to frame future policies.
  • Liaising with the media-includes establishing good relations with media personals, arranging interviews with journalists, arranging news conferences, make press releases etc.
  • Public Speaking- this includes speaking at public places, exhibitions, events, news conferences as company’s spokesperson.
  • Program Planning-includes arranging PR activities e.g. exhibitions, Olympiads, job fairs, promotional dinners etc.
  • Writing- includes writing brochures, pamphlets, annual reports, flyers, press releases, newsletters etc.
  • Making videos and using internet-making promotional films, videos, ads, used in promotional campaigns at various places or on print/electronic media, using social media (making company’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc) and make official website to stay connected with public.
  • Photography Sessions- arranging photography sessions in studios or on locations used in ad campaigns, seminars etc.
  • Training Sessions- arranging trainings for company’s staff on various issues and equip them with the latest news in its company’s field.

Skills Required:

The most important skills required to be a PRO are;

  • Be able to plan, organize and coordinate tasks.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Excellent writing skills and creative mind.
  • Event management skills.
  • Able to work under stress on various projects of a company.
  • Loves travelling as per job requirement.
  • Dealing with people from different backgrounds.
  • Proficient in computer use (MS Office and Internet).

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