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Scope of Magazines


With the boom of electronic media, the print media has suffered especially the Urdu Newspapers but magazine still finds its scope in society. According to figures given by Ministry of Information to National Assembly in 2012, there are 2,587 titles in Pakistani print media: 1,233 newspapers, 607 weeklies, 89 fortnight lies, 609 monthlies, 48 quarterlies, and 1 annual. Some of the most important areas where magazine finds its scope are.

In-Depth Analysis:

Now breaking of news is done by the TV Channels but in depth analysis of an “issue” is still the main ingredient of a magazine. With the running time, magazines have changed and now they give a more detailed, in depth analysis based on facts and figures. They do not involve sensationalism as done by the TV Channels in their programs. Some of the leading current affairs magazines are Herald, Newsline, FridayTimes and The News On Sunday.


Magazines find its scope in the field of education. There are many universities which release their magazines which include articles, events and the latest updates on issues related to education, education departments and policies by Higher Education Commission.

Spreading Religion:

Religious magazines are also playing their important role in spreading the message of their religion. These include articles related to various queries of the people, interviews of renowned religious scholars, history etc. In this regard, Madrassahs release their monthly issues and the religious political parties like JAMAT-e-Islami are also very active.


Magazines are also a source of awareness of issues that are related to our social norms, culture, women rights, children rights etc. These can be represented in the form of picture stories, novels, short stories crime stories.

Fashion Industry:

Magazines also find their place in fashion industry. Most of the latest fashion trends are shown in fashion magazines like Libas, She, LifeStyle. They include the latest designs by various brands of clothes, jewelry, make-ups etc. Men fashion trends are also discussed in magazines.

Advertisement Industry:

Nowadays, magazines are filled with advertisements of various products, services, brands. Most of the money made by magazines is through advertisements. It is only through these advertisements that magazines are sustaining in the market. so we can safely say that magazines have a lot of scope in the advertisement industry.

Showbiz Industry:

Entertainment industry is also closely attached with magazines. Various activities of celebrities, upcoming movies, music releases, movie reviews, profile of celebrities, concerts of musical bands and much more are included these magazines. People interested in showbiz find these magazines really helpful and entertaining.

Professional Fields:

Most of the magazines are released which are purely designed for professional or experts of the specific field like, oil and gas, petroleum, health, information technology etc.


Magazines find its scope in many fields and it has played a vital role in shaping of the society. It not only creates awareness among the people about the various important social and economic issues but also keeps its readers informed about the latest political policies, events, celebrities’ activities and developments in the professional fields.

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