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Types of Advertising


Advertising is dissemination / distribution of info related to an idea or service / product in order to compel an action as per wishes of the advertiser.


Any paid form of non-personal presentation of goods, service or any idea by an identified sponsor is called advertising.


To call the attention of general public towards any product or service through various means to give benefit to one’s business or idea or service and compel the public to take any action is called advertising.


Any place an "identified" sponsor pays to deliver their message through a medium is advertising.

Types of Advertising:

There are thousands of different ways in which a company or individual can send a message to consumer to increase his business. Although it is difficult to say when exactly did people start using advertising but most of the experts agree that first recognized form of advertising is what was done on papyrus by Egyptians. Political advertisements were also very common in the city of pompeii. Public crier and drum beating were also form of advertisements in the old ages.

In today’s world, there are many forms of advertisements as already stated above. But if we closely analyze, we would come to know that almost all advertising tactics fall in one of the following main domains. These are explained briefly as follows:

Broadcast Advertising:

Two main sources of broadcast advertising which are considered most effective mass-market advertising format are TV and radio. Small duration ads aired during various programs running on radio and TV, especially at prime time, are highly charged by the TV and radio networks.

Info-commercials is another form of commercials shown on TV having a duration of five minutes or more. Products are displayed, explained and demonstrated during these info-commercials and viewers are requested to place their orders on a toll-free number or website. Most of them are related to electronics products or exercise machines or medicines.

Virtual billboards shown during various sporting events shown on TV usually placed at the end of ground boundaries is another form of broadcast advertisement. Some are static and some change ads displayed on it after duration allotted to it.

Print Advertising:

When advertising is in printed form like advertisements in newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, brochures, flyers or in any other printed form, it is known as print advertising. It can be divided into three categories; general advertisements which include product ads, company ads, jobs ads or any other sponsored ads in the form of picture or animated pictures or some column of different size; Classified ads which gives small space to individuals / companies to advertise in a very low fee. The ads are usually charged on the basis of number of rows. These ads may be related to selling property, academic tuitions, car for sale, job advertisement, school admissions etc. the third category is of Display ads which include larger ads like on full page or half page dedicated to one particular brand, product or event etc.

Outdoor Advertising:

Any form of advertisement which reaches the general public when they are outside their living places is known as outdoor advertisements. These can be broadly divided into four major categories; billboard advertising, mobile billboards, street advertising and aerial advertising.

Billboards are large structures placed on locations where a large number of people pass by or where it can attract maximum people. Most often, they are placed on main roads having large motor and pedestrian traffic, shopping malls, bus stations, where it can target maximum number of people. Human Billboards is considered as one of the oldest form of advertising in which people are paid to hold billboards carrying advertisement.

Mobile Billboards mean that billboards are mounted on vehicles usually buses or cargo trucks or specially designed bicycles. Ads are placed on these mobile billboards which travel along a certain route targeting maximum people.

Street Advertising can be seen in the form of graffiti, painting on footpaths or street roads, wall painting, group dancing etc.

Aerial advertising is a form of advertising in which people/companies advertise on aero plane, ships, balloons etc. Skywriting is a notable example.

Online Advertisement:

When ads are placed on internet like on pages of search engines, websites, social media, beginning of streaming videos, email marketing etc, we call it online advertising. This type of advertisement is also becoming very popular and people are earning millions through these techniques.

Product Placement / Covert Advertising:

When advertising is done in a movie or program not directly but in a form which influence the audience is called Product placement or covert advertising. It may be like the leading stars using it during the movie e.g. Omega watches, Ford, Aston Martin cars used in Bond movies, various brand of smart phones, clothes used in dramas/movies, soft drinks used by the leading characters.

Public Service Advertising:

These are the form of advertisements in which the aim is not to sell any product or brand but to inform or educate people about a particular issue or problem. It can be in the form of public service messages to create awareness against the polio virus, dengue fever, AIDS, pregnancy issues, child care etc.

In-Store Advertising:

In-store advertising is a type of advertisement in which advertisements are placed in retail stores at a prominent place like entrance doors or counters etc.

Coffee Cup Advertising:

Nowadays a new trend of placing advertisements on coffee cups has gained popularity. Companies usually do this while promoting their product/brand in universities/colleges or job fairs or quiz competition.

Celebrity Advertising:

In this type of advertising, companies use the fame, popularity of celebrities and sign them as ambassadors of their products or companies. Celebrities do have a large following. Companies target celebs followers in order to convince them that as their favorite celebrity also uses this product or is affiliated with this company, therefore, they should also follow their favorite celebs.

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