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Theory Of Emotional Intelligence


Theory of Emotional Intelligence:

Gardner’s theory contains categories for social intelligence like inter-personal skills and intra-personal skills emotional intelligence can be defined the set of skills required to accurately assess and express emotions,

For self awareness and social skills emotional intelligence is needed, it enables a person to know what other people are going through and what they are feeling so that the person knows how to interact with them, emotional intelligence can explain why some people who score very low on traditional intelligence tests and still are quite successful in life.


Shows there are many ways of demonstration intelligent behavior. Explains why poor scores on traditional intelligence tests performs better I life, Mayer salivary Caruso emotional intelligence test (Msceit) to measure 4 aspects of emotional intelligence.

  1. Emotion Perception
  2. Understanding Emotions
  3. Facilitating Thought
  4. Managing Emotions

Consists of 141 items for 17 + older and 30-45 minutes are required for it. Can be wed for predicting behavior such as smoking alcoholism, drugs etc, Example, emotionally intelligent are less likely to smoke drink alcohol.

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