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Causes Of Deforestation In PAKISTAN


Clearing of forest land is called deforestation. Pakistan is not self sufficient in wood based products and spends billions of rupees on import of wood and wood based products

Pakistan’s forest resources are shrinking at a rate of one percent which will have dreadful effects on the people of Pakistan. Following are some of the main causes of this large scale deforestation in Pakistan.

Clearing of land:

Due to the construction of dams and barrages to supply water to crops on millions of hecters, most of the forest land is cleared. These construction of barrages also serve as a cause of deforestation.


Sprawling growth of cities has converted forests into cities thus losing the forest or decrease in forest area. According to some sources, around 32 % people of Pakistan live in urban areas and if the current growth rate of urbanization is kept, Pakistan’s urban population will surpass the rural one by 2030.

Building of Roads:

Building of roads in order to have access to the far flung areas has also caused deforestation especially in areas of Kohistan and Northern areas.


The increase in demand of industries has also caused deforestation as most of the industries require wood as their fuel. Wood industries such as hard wood and safety match box, Plywood etc have also played their part in deforestation.


Overgrazing of land by cattles, sheeps and goats have converted subtropical, and tropical thorn forest areas into deserts.

Effects OF Deforestation:

The effects of deforestation are very devastating and harmful as it can result in destruction of environmental and can cause loss of food and resources. It affects the ecological system in many ways. Affecting the Ecological system.

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