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What Is A True Muslim


The first thing is to correct our beliefs in accordance with the Quran and Sunna. After correcting our beliefs it is necessary to worship God according to the Fiqh, i.e., to do the commands of the Sharia,.

we should abstain from what is prohibited. One should pray five times a day with out reluctance or sleekness. One should also pay "Zakat" if one is (Ahle-Nisab).

One should not waste his precious life on trivialities even if they are permitted (Mubah). It is certainly to abstain from "Haram". Indulging in singing, listening to music is also not good for our "Nafas", so it should not be practiced.

One should not commit "Giybat". Giybat is "Haram". (Giybat means to talk about a Muslim or a Zimmi seerat faults behind his back). It is necessary to tell a Muslim about the faults of the "Harbis", on his face rather to talk behind him. We should be fair in our daily dealings with our companions and should not measure less while buying or selling. One should not spread rumors among the Muslims.

It has been declared that various kinds of torments will be inflicted on those who commit these two kinds of sins. Also it is haram to lie and slander. These must be abstained from. These two evils are 'Haram' in every religion. Their punishment is very heavy. It is a good act to conceal Muslims' defects, not to reveal their sins and to forgive them for their faults. One should not reproach them for their faults. One should not hurt those who are weak. One should not attack the property of others life, honor or chastity. Bribery, is 'Haram' in Islam.

Every body should take a stock of his own shortcomings. He should always bear in mind that Allah-ta-Ala is not in hurry to punish His creatures. The orders of the parents, or the govt., compatible with the 'Sharia' must be obeyed, but those incompatible with the 'Sharia' should not be resisted in a way that will provoke 'Fitna'. After correcting the beliefs and following the commands of 'Fiqh', one should spend all one's time remembering his Creator.

One should avoid all those things, which cause hindrance in remembering God. The more you adhere to the 'Sharia', the more consolation you will find in remembering Him. We should not fall into the traps of the enemies of Islam.

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