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Mysteries Of The World


Our sweet Mother Earth is filled with mysteries ranging from The Bermuda Triangle to Pyramids and many more.

Crop circles are unexplained patterns that are found in fields, over tree-tops, and in ice and snow.

Crop Circles:

Crop circles are unexplained patterns that are found in fields, over tree-tops, and in ice and snow. They are mostly often found in wheat or corn fields, but have also been found in oat, rape (canola), and barley. They are world wide phenomena, highlighted in England, the Netherlands, the United States, and Australia. Crop circles have not as yet been reported in China and South Africa. Their sudden appearance may go unreported unless spotted by an airplane flying overhead or someone familiar with the concept of the formations. Its quite sure that crop formations are as old as the planet itself. Crop formations are often accompanied by sightings of unusual lights and structured craft beaming shafts of light onto the field the night before.

A crop circle is a sizable pattern.

Most crop formations are created at night between the hours of 11 pm - 4 am. There have been daylight formations also. Very often crop formation appear where powerful lines intersect— or the Earth's magnetic energy lines. This is often at the same place where megalithic sites such as Stonehenge are found. Dowsing can be done within the formations after the crop has been plowed when there are no longer traces of physical evidence. The patterns often can be equated to Creation, Celestial Bodies, the Chakras, or Sacred Geometry. To date, thousands of crop formations have been reported and investigated worldwide. In areas where the significance of the patterns is not known thousands of others have not been recorded but have been created.

Ball Lightning:

Ball lightning has always been one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. Since the times of the early Greeks, there have been reports of these strange balls of fire. The title "ball lightning" may actually be a misnomer; maybe it is not a form of lightning, but something else entirely. What makes the concept of ball lightning so confusing is that so many of its attributes seemingly defy the laws of nature. Although a great number of people are beginning to believe, many people are still skeptical of the very existence of ball lightning.

They argue that there is not enough scientific evidence nor sufficient recorded eyewitness accounts to prove ball lightning is a real phenomenon: however, it would seem that these arguments must be left to the uninformed. One needs only to log onto the Internet and use the keywords "ball lightning" to find numerous eyewitness accounts, many from highly respected scientists or researchers. In fact, according to a study completed in the 1960s, approximately five percent of the world's population claims to have observed ball lightning at one time or another.

This may seem a small fraction until too consider that it is equivalent to the percentage of the population that has been close enough to 1 normal lightning strike to see its point of impact. This information having been provided, there can be no doubt that some sort of phenomenon exists that is commonly referred to as "ball lightning." Naturally, there is an infinitesimal number of theories regarding the cause and composition of ball lightning. Yet, these can not be considered until one has a working knowledge of the basic characteristics of ball lightning.

One thing that immediately becomes obvious when compiling data about ball lightning is that its attributes can be quite varied. Many eyewitness accounts would seemingly contradict each other. For example, although ball lightning is normally observed during thunderstorm activity, reports of its occurrence in broad daylight are not uncommon. It has been seen originating at the point of impact of an ordinary lightning strike, hanging in mid-air between the ground and a thunderhead, and even descending from a cloud to the ground.

Marfa Lights:

The famous Marfa Mystery Lights are yellowish- green and appear above the horizon at dusk. They sometimes split into two or more separate lights. They have been the subject of controversy and speculation for decades. They appear almost nightly south and southwest of Marfa and are known to move, divide and merge, and flicker brilliantly. Most of the local people have witnessed them. Others have scoffed at the idea that the lights are anything more than headlights, and claim proof using high-powered binoculars.

This latter group is at a loss, however, to explain why there are often more Lights than there are cars, or why the lights merge, divide and disappear. In Texas, USA the Lights are so well known that the Texas State Highway Department erected a sign and viewing area along Highway 67/90 east of Marfa. Apache legends say the lights are the spirit of Chief Alsate - condemned to wander the area after he offended a tribal God. Early settlers thought they were the lanterns of a family that got lost in the 1850's.


According to common perception they were built, with the begrudging help of great armies of slaves, by the ancient pharaohs of Egypt as tombs for preserving their royal bodies. Pyramids were meant to be monuments to the pharaoh's greatness, filled with great treasures for the afterlife. To construct these massive shrines, the pharaoh's copied the oldest and largest pyramid of all, the Great Pyramid of Giza. But the Great Pyramid itself contains no pharaoh's body, no treasure chamber, and no treasures. Who, then, designed it and built it? What was its purpose?

Let us begin our tour by considering a few basic facts about the Great Pyramids.

  1.  It is the last "Wonder of the World".
  2.  It is thirty times larger than the Empire State Building.
  3.  The Pyramid's features are so large they can be seen from the Moon.
  4.  It is the oldest structure in existence.
  5.  Having been started 4,617 years ago, it is the sole remnant of the Seven Wonders of the World.
  6. Only a solid stone mountain could endure the Pyramid's immense weight And indeed, a flat solid granite mountain happens to be located just beneath the surface of the ground directly under the Pyramid.
  7. It is built to face true North.
  8. The Pyramid is located at the exact center of the Earth's land mass That is, its East-West axis corresponds to the longest land parallel across the Earth, passing through Africa, Asia, and America. Simi­larly, the longest land meridian on Earth, through Asia, Africa, Europe, and Antarctica, also passes right through the Pyramid. Since the Earth has enough land area to provide 3 billion possible building sites for the Pyramid, the odds of its having been built where it i 1s are in 3 billion.
  9. Construction Unequaled by Modem Technology Like 20th century bridge designs, the Pyramid's corner­stones hive hate and sockets built into them. Several football fields long, the Pyramid is subject to expansion and contraction movements from heat and cold, settling, and other such phenomena. After 4.680 years there are fears it's structure would have been significantly damaged without such construction.

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