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The Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic ocean. In 1945 five Avenger torpedo bombers left from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, Florida base on a training mission. This is the story of Flight 19 and their plan was to fly to the Bahamas islands and return to base in two hours.

They were never heard off again. What happened on that day still remains a mystery to this day. Many experts have given their account of explanations, but none of them make sense when considering their practicality.

One of the search and rescue officer Flight Instructor David White was among those searching for the fourteen missing air men relates his account “We were looking for any aircraft debris or anything floating over the water or anything that may have washed up on shores of the little islands. But we did not find anything, not a trace of anything”. The wreckage of Flight 19 has never been found. What can explain the disappearance of these planes?

Broken radio transmission and navigational equipment malfunctions are often cited as a factor. Till this day there have been many theories regarding the strange disappearances over Bermuda Triangle, but a total of five reliable or near to practicality theories have been mentioned here.

The Electronic Fog Theory:

This theory came in to existence after the experience of Rob MacGregor and Bruce Gernon two pilots who were flying in their Bonanza A36 plane over the Bermuda Triangle on December 4th 1970. What they experienced on that gave birth to this theory called “The Electronic Cloud Theory”. Gernon after almost 35 years published a book about his experience of that day and with it he also introduced the cloud theory. On their way to Bimini their plane encountered a strange cloud, when they came in contact with the cloud, all of the planes electronic and magnetic instruments malfunctioned. Their magnetic compass started to rotate slowly counter-clockwise. And they neared the end of the tunnel they saw dull grayish white instead of the normal clear blue sky. At that time they found themselves over Miami and all this took about 34 minutes instead of the usual 75 minutes.

Magnetic Variation Theory:

This theory was proposed by coast guards some 30 years ago. This theory states that the Bermuda Triangle is one of the two unique areas on earth where the magnetic compass does not point towards the true north, instead it points towards magnetic north. And the difference between both these north’s change by 20 degrees. If sailors or pilots do not compensate for this change they will find themselves in trouble.

The Lost City of Atlantis:

Some believe that once the magnificent kingdom of Atlantic was located in the Bermuda Triangle. It is considered that the Atlantis civilization was advanced in technology. And when it sank, some of its instruments may still be active and they must be interfering with the instruments of the ships and planes. Though many agree with this theory, it still does not explain about the fact that no wreckage is ever found of the lost crafts.

The UFO theory:

When all is unclear, many turn to the UFO theory. Everything about the UFO subject is unclear, so many consider it wise to drag in the UFO theory. Not much could be said about this theory except for mentioning of its name as there is no historical or creditable evidence regarding this theory.

Methane Gas Hydrates:

Dr. Richard McIver, an American geochemistry, states that large deposits of methane gas under the sea sediments are responsible for these bizarre events. He explains that when these methane gases release up to the sea surface, any unlucky ship traveling in that area sinks like a rock. And due to the high pressure and extreme combustion of this gas, planes blow up in the area of gas leak. But this clam is given semi-serious consideration as many geologists argue that the area of Bermuda Triangle has least deposits of methane gas below bed rock. And in many areas it has been on record that drilling ships who accidentally drill into the methane bed have slowly sunk to the bottom of the sea, giving it enough time to broadcast emergency signal and for the people on-board to escape safely. And while this has been going on many news helicopters were present in the area to record the event and none of them blew up.

Not Unusual:

Though it is tragic to know about any accident with loss of human life, it is pointed out by many marine time experts that, this area is one of the heavily traveled areas in the world. And as with all modes of transportation accidents can be expected.

But all these theories do not satisfy one question – What happened to the wreckage of the lost or destroyed planes and ships?

The Bermuda triangle lies in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by the Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. According to triangle believer Gian J. Quasar, 75 air-crafts and hundreds of yachts have vanished here in the past 25 years with no wreckage, no emergency transmission and no evidence. Explanations ranges from wired to astonishing. There are some specific mysteries of vanishing. For believers the most bizarre of the unexplained disappearances occurred shortly after the World War II.

Location of Bermuda Triangle:

The Bermuda Triangle connects three locations:

  • Miami Florida
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Bermuda

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