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Computer Crime


It is incredible how technology is advanced nowadays. We interact with computers on daily bases. This interaction is not just....

limited to entertainment, but also to businesses, education, medical field and to go on there is no limit.

Cyber crime or Computer Crime is any sort of a crime committed with the help of the computer over the internet or any network. Like traditional crimes committed by people in real life, for example, theft, murder, kidnapping etc, the crimes committed in the cyber world also cause harm and damage to the targeted society. The only difference between the real world crime and computer crime or cyber crime is that, in real world the impact is immediate and very visual, while in the cyber world the activity is discreet and until and unless the activity is done no one knows about it.

But this does not make computer crime or cyber crime less dangerous and damaging, many times computer crimes or cyber crimes are more deadly and harmful than the crimes committed in the real world. Computer crimes or cyber crimes are a broad term and to better understand the term, we divide it in to two categories.

Cyber Crimes targeting computer networks directly:

Cyber Crimes aided by computers networks to target:

  • Online Fraud
  • Cyber following or harassing
  • Scams
  • Information Warfare

The first category consists of computer crimes or cyber crimes which attack a network or a computer. This is done with the help of a virus or Denial of Service attack also known as DOS attack. The criminal in this scenario will attack a network to either cripple it or to infiltrate and steal some valuable data.

A better example would be that of a hacker, hacking into the bank server to steal credits online or hackers infiltrating into the servers of the security agencies to disrupt its communication. All such acts carry heavy penalty and imprisonment if caught.


The second category consists of crimes which require the help of computers for the crime to take place. No network or valuable data is stolen or targeted. But computers are used to attack an individual in real life. The attack can range from as small as sending mass email called SPAM to as big as Cyber Scam or Fraud. The purpose of the attacker is to get the information about the victim and then use it against him/her to gain emotional or financial benefits.

Another crime that exists in this category is called Information Warfare, which involves collection of information for the purpose of propaganda or demoralization of the opponent. This is mostly done by the army or by the state government to hide the facts from the public. This sort of an attack is aimed towards the psychology of the target. A better example of this crime is done by the United States Air Force, whose mission is to cripple the enemies’ communication and broadcasting systems and implement their own ideology. It has been done in Iraq during the Gulf War.

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