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Technology The Way It Help Humans


Technology is the usage and knowledge of methods, tools, devices and information to solve a problem.

The word is derived from the Greek word “technologia” in which “techno” means “art, skill, craft” and “logia” means “study of”. So this means technology is the study of all sots of art, skill and craft. Technology is not limited to the use of computers but the word technology is attached to computers because in today’s world every tool is computerized and this helps to do any sort of work with ease.

New expectations from the new millennium have changed the human outlook because the rapid advancements in information technology have affected every pattern of life including trade and commerce, productivity and health scenario around the globe. But this dependence of technology started from the time when the first tool to aid human in his work was invented. From the discovery of fire and invention of wheel to the invention of cars and telephone, internet and space travel are all covered under the umbrella of technology.

Strictly speaking about today’s technology it has changed the fortune of nations and individuals after tough competitions. The effects of technology can be observed at home like the smart oven which will cook food; entertainment tools which will know your preferences and will retrieve your favorite programmers. Automobiles that knows where you are and can direct you to your destination; that warns you of treacherous road conditions and impending collisions, are already developed and every day it get more improvised. Smart credit cards created a cashless society, containing all identifications and means of payment in digital form.

Due to this people can now buy many commodities without the need to carry lot of cash which was not safe. Affordable computer workstations capable of manipulating massive amounts of data are exploring nature's secrets. Because of microprocessor, previously "Herculean Projects" such as the human Genome Project, an international map of three billion DNA sequences which determines the human genetic makeup are, being completed ahead of time. James Heath, a chemistry professor at the University of California says, "We can potentially get the computational power of 100 workstations on the' size of grain of a sand".

This new development in technology is also very helpful for democracy as now people will be able to vote from the comfort of their home, all thanks to the internet and the computer and this is called e-Democracy. Besides Internet voting, people will eventually be casting ballots by telephone & through TV. Such technologies can also be used to conduct electronic referendum on key issues. Thus saving a lot of cost on paper products and most important of all the ability to penetrate the mass more effectively and more efficiently.

In the field of health care, technology through computers can provide long distance health care. This facility may be strange in our countries like Pakistan, India or Bangladesh, they are a major life line in countries like America, France, United Kingdom etc. Patients can have themselves diagnosed just a mouse click away. "Telemedicine" network could soon link every big medical center and physician's office in the U.S.A. An example of this technology was, a woman had a problem and the local doctors thought that it was a spider bite.

And the doctor gave her medical treatment for the spider bite but her condition was not improving. Through computer linked interactive video system, and a specialist at Georgia Medical College, the woman was interviewed on screen while examining her lesion on another. He quickly realized that it was not a spider bite but a Staph infection and in 12 days times, her leg was saved. Engineers at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory have developed a robotic arm that minimizes anything the surgeon does with an electronic pointer. Human tests are just beginning but the device could give surgeons unprecedented access to hard to reach regions of ear, eye, spine and brain.

Evolution of Technology:

Technology has always helped man in making his life and work easy, but when technology is abused, this very technology is used to destroy what man stands for. The invention of modern and more sophisticated weapons, computer viruses and use of propaganda on media can disrupt the peaceful society in moments. One must always take care while using technology to achieve his work. Technology on one hand has made man fast and competitive and on the other hand has made the man more dependent and greedier. Technology has made it possible to achieve magnificent tasks like building of huge structures and fuel efficient vehicles but on the other hand it has made him become more arrogant and selfish.

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