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The Horrors Of Modern War


When we think of wars the immediate things that stun our minds are destruction and exploitation of smaller nations by the bigger ones. War is something.

Which makes the lives hard for both the aggressors and defenders. The formers are mainly harmed economically while the later suffer both economically and socially for a long time. War is not the solution of any problem, rather it adds to the problems of the nations. A peaceful table talk and negotiation can solve those disputes, which cannot be solved by years of war.

To bring peace and harmony in this beautiful world, war of all kinds must be condemned, but if war is thrashed on someone the raiders must be paid in the same coins so that they do not try do it again.

The modern war is, of course, more horrible and more destructive than those fought by swords in the old age. The weaponry used nowadays is more complicated and sophisticated. The recent Iraq war following the "Operation Desert Fox" and "Operation Desert Storm" is an example of modern horrors of war. The bombs, which have been used in this very war are capable to destroy everything.

The Daisy Cutter, weighing fifteen thousand pounds for instance, if dropped on a hill can pulverize it in no time There is another type of destructive bomb, which has been used in this war and is called MOAB (Mother of All Bombs). Then there are cluster, JSOW and GBU 28 bombs, which are no less explosive. The accuracy of GBU laser guided bombs indeed is unavoidable.

The aircraft used in the wars of modern days are very efficient as well. B52 aircraft used in the war against Iraq can fire missile or bomb from an immense height, without being targeted by the opposition missiles and detected by radar. The A10 Thunderbolt and F16 are also capable of aerial attacks. The APACHE helicopters can support the fighter planes. The thermo brick weaponry, which is in use in the war, consists of TOMAHAWK CRUISE missile, maverick missiles and HARM anti radar missiles.

The AIM 130 is used for air-to-air attacks and the hill fire missiles are used for air to ground targets. There are missiles, which can target by any arm weaponry that are allied anti arms missiles. The stingers are anti aircraft while MOAB is air blast missile. These are the missiles, which have been hitherto invented by the US and have tested their accuracy and efficiency in Iraq bringing about the collapse of building and human lives.

Besides this the alliance forces are using highly destructive ground weaponry. The Abrams tank is extensively used. M2A3 Bradley fighting vehicle and Humvee are the either artillery, which have brought about massacre in Iraq. Avenger is also used with patriot missiles, which has the purpose of anti missiles.

Had this revolution of arms and weapons not occurred, the twelve years old Muhammad Ismail of Iraq would not have been killed.

American's unjust, brutal, savage, impetuous and berserk behavior is a matter of proven history. From 1945-46 China war to 2002-03 Iraq war they have shown their aggressive nature in many countries and states.

The question is that who will save the world, who will tie America's hands. Who will check this brutal force and when?

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