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History of Cycling


The first two wheeler human transport was dany horse which was invented by the German baron karl von drais. it was regarded as the forerunner of the modern bicycle, which was brought into public by a man named drais in 1817 at Mannheim and in 1818 in Paris.


The first two wheeler human transport was dany horse which was invented by the German baron karl von drais. it was regarded as the forerunner of the modern bicycle, which was brought into public by a man named drais in 1817 at Mannheim and in 1818 in paris. it was made of a wooden frame which was supported by inline wheels and the rider has to pushed the wheel along with his/her feet while steering the front wheel. in 1839 kirk Patrick macmillan a scottish blacksmith build the first mechanically propelled 2 wheel vehicle. he was the first person on the record who broke traffic rule while cycling. in 1840 an accident which was reported by Glasgow newspaper, the report said that; An anonymous gentleman from Dumfries shire bestride a velocipede of ingenious design; knocked over a little girl in Glasgow and was fined five shilling. Frenchman Pierre lallement and Pierre michaux gave a new design to bicycle and add a mechanical drive like crank with pedals on an enlarged front wheel in 1860's. A lot of inventions were made by few inventors focussing on rear wheel drive but the best on was invented in 1869 by Scotsman Thomas McCall as the rod-driven velocipede.

The French use iron and wood in creating it which developed into the penny farthing which is known as ordinary bicycle in the books of history, its design was like a tubelar steel frame on which were mounted wire spoked wheels with solid tires made of rubber. the weight distribution and the high seat adjustment was the only thing due to which these bicycles were very much difficult to ride.

The first cycle factory was in Britain as a Michaux cycle was Brought to Coventry England by a man named Rowley Turner in 1868. Rowley Turner was salesman of the Coventry sewing Machine company. so his uncle Josiah Turner started a partner ship business with james starley. they used this as the first Coventry model. In Coventry model the two major faults were the reducing the diameter of front wheel and setting seat further back. This problem was solved by introducing the chain drive by J.K starley (Nephew of James Starley) J.H Lawson and Shergold. They connect the frame mounted cranks to the rear wheel these models were known as safety bicycles. the first modern bicycle was made in Coventry by Rover in 1885, and soon the seat and tube was added to a modern bicycle of a diamond frame of the double triangle.


Bicycles canbe use for transport, sports and many more proposes that is why we can named it by many names e.g cycling, bicycling, biking, etc. the people who are personally in touch with cycling are known as cyclists. bicycles can be use besides the ordinary two wheeled bicycles some people also includes unicycles, quadra cycles, tricycles and human powered vehicle (HPV'S) to their transport or any other proposes we know bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and today they are about 1 billion counting worldwide. Through cycling in very sensitive and efficient mode of transportation but still in many regions of the world they are principal mean of transport. As we know bicycles has some unforgeable benefits like no use of fuel, best of the short distance and also good for exercise it is not good just for its rider and passenger but its is good or we can say best for the whole community because it has no air and noise pollution bicycle also helps in reducing traffic congestion its parking is very easy and it can be ride by the both sides of the road and paths but on the other hand bicycles rider has less chance of safety in crashes or some sort of accidents, and bicycles compare to motor cars takes long time to reach its destination. the cyclists must have to be in good health and they have to acknowledged about weather.


Throughout the world bicycles are very common vehicle for road transport. the common bicycles have frames with relaxed geometry, in this the rider is much safe and also can help his speed low. Road bikes tend to have a more upright shape and a shorter wheel base, which make the bike more mobile but harder to ride slowly. These bikes were made at such a design with two handles which required the rider to bend forward more than a normal bicycle, so it also require strong muscles and it has the capacity to reduce air resistance at high speed, bicycles has a lot of qualities standards and prices. Brand new bicycles can range from 70 USD to more than 25,000 USD. Anyhow the highest price bicycle/bike in the world is 500,000 USD it was the property of Damien hirst. Although the prices are totally depends upon quality, type, weight, standard and companies.

The more efficient and exotic bicycles have 3.2kg (7Ib) in weight, but on the other side UCI has a rule that a legal bike race must have greater weight than 6.8kg (14.99 Ibs) the beginner should try the normal standard bicycle/bike for test. As many utility bikes have hub gears in it, that bike can be used for different events places and styles, suppose a rider wants to climb on a hill road so he should has to gear up his bike to third crank (3 chainrings) to the front.

In many bikes clip less pedals are used to which biker had to wear shoes specially made for these bikes so that they can attach there shoes to the cleat so that the rider can pull and push by his own choice. cyclist can also attach other different accessories e.g front and back lites, bells or horns children carrying seats locks baggage racks, dise brakes,pannier bags, cycling computer with GPS, inner tube, fenders, water bottles, bottle cages, and pump for puncture kit for maintenance.

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