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Toyota Motors Corporation


Toyota motor corporation is a multinational auto company. It's headquarter is in Toyota, Aichi Japan. In 2010 Toyota was the world's largest manufacturer and it is ranked as..

In 1934 the Type A engine was created by a department of Toyota industries. In 1936 the first passenger car (Toyota AA) was created. Toyota is not limited to Automobile industry, they also provides financial services and also building robots. Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of the Toyota Company had a visit to Europe and the States in 1929 to know more about their Automobile industry and he started his own research on gasoline powered engines. Toyota Company was also encouraged by the Japanese government to start automobile production. Their first passenger car was the A1 and the Type A engine was used in this car.

In 1935 the G1 truck was manufactured. The early models of Toyota company were similar to the Dodge Power Wagon and the Chevrolet to that extent that some of Toyota's parts were interchangeable with that of the American cars. The original name of the company was Toyoda but it was changed to Toyota because they considered it luckier than Toyoda.

In World War 2 Toyota started the production of trucks for the Imperial Japanese Army. After the WW2 Japan faced severe economic crisis. And production of passenger cars started again in 1947. In 1949 the Toyota Company was on the verge of Bankruptcy.

In 1950, Toyota Motors Sales company which was a separate sales company was established and it lasted till 1982. The Crown was the first Japanese car that was exported to the US. By the end of the 1960s Toyota exports reached its one-millionth unit.

Toyota's First Passenger Car

Toyota has manufacturing and assembling factories in many countries. Some of the countries are Australia, Sri Lanka, Canada, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, China, Vietnam, Russia, France, the United States, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

The net revenue in Japanese Yen of Toyota company by geographical regions is:

  1. Japan, 8,152,884
  2. North America, 8,771,495
  3. Europe, 3,346,013
  4. Asia, 1,969,957
  5. The following are the names of Presidents of Toyota Motor Industries:

  6. Rizaburo Toyoda
  7. Kiichiro Toyoda
  8. Fukio Nakgawa
  9. Eiji Toyoda
  10. H3 CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation
  11. Tatsuro Toyoda
  12. Hiroshi Okuda
  13. Fujio Cho
  14. Katsuaki Watanabe
  15. Akio Toyoda

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