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Chichen Itza First New Wonder of the World


The First New Wonder of the World - Chichen Itza loacted in Mexico. Located in Mexico, it is one of the oldest and largest pre-Columbian archaeological sites, built by the Mayans.

The site is known to exhibit a multitude of architectural styles which represent the origins of the Mexico.


The Maya name "Chichen Itza" means "At the mouth of the well of the Itza." Chichen is located in Yucatan which is a waterless area and the Chichen had two large sink holes called the cenotes which provided plenty of water all round the year. Because of this the Chichen was a main point for settlers. The Mayans would sacrifice animals and humans into the cenotes to the rain god Chaac. This importance of the area gave Chichen political and ideological importance and was considered as the capital. The economy of the Mayans was a boom as water was scarce in the region and the only availability of water was the cenotes which also served as the trade routes.

The Site:

Chichen Itza consists of many stone buildings which are connected by a dense road network called the sacbeob. The site is divided into three sections known as the Great North Platform, The Ossario Group and the Central Group.

Great North Platform:

This section contains buildings like El Castillo, Temple of Warriors and the Great Ball Room. El Castillo is the also called the Temple of Kukulkan, which is a step pyramid with a ground plan of square of terraces and stairways leading up on each side of the temple to the top. It is believed that pyramids were built on top of old existing pyramids thus having layers of pyramids below each other. The Temple of Warriors consists of large steep pyramid with the front decorated with the images of warriors. The Great Ball Room is about 150 meters and is located north-west of El Castillo. It is one of the most impressive buildings in the whole Chichen site.

The Ossario Group:

At the south of the Great North Platform the Ossario Group is located which consists of a temple which is just like the El Castillo temple but is small in size.

Central Group:

Here the government palace is located along with a small temple dedicated to the rain god Chaac.

Selection as a World Wonder:

According to UNESCO the Chichen Itza is the second most visited site in Mexico and this led to it being selected as a candidate for the new wonder of the world. The votes in Mexico were sponsored by commercial enterprises but were accepted by the government which resulted in making Chichen Itza as one of the first New Seven Wonder of the World in 2007.

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