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Lalazar Plateaus


Pakistan is no doubt bestowed by plenty of beautiful places by the Allah almighty. The variation in the landscape can't be seen in any country of the world. Thus, Pakistan has a lot to offer to ones who love to explore. The beauty, the mountains, the archeological sites, the deserts, the hilly areas and the cities all give a lot to a normal visitor.

While at one end of the country you can find beautiful beaches, lagoons and mangrove forests while the other end provides access to uprising peaks of the Himalayan, the Karakorum's and the Hindu Kush mountain ranges dominated the north, with the K2 as a final challenge to the alpinists.

Without doubt Pakistan has a lot to offer for anybody who wants to enjoys, cherish the explorer's eye and loves to see the beautiful mountain regions in the world. The lush green valleys and high end plateaus attract the normal visitors visiting the northern areas. The valleys of Chitral, Swat, Kaghan and Skardu are extremely beautiful and the beautiful landscapes of these valleys is what most of the people want.

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Kaghan valley is known to be one of the most visited and beautiful valleys of Pakistan mainly because it is easily accessible and secondly due to the beauty and the variety of landscapes it offer. The Kaghan valley is one of their most popular destinations in Pakistan, and you will find them camped along the road in their tents or moving up to the valley with their goats, sheep and pack animals. Hence, spending a holiday in these areas is an unforgettable experience. The valley extends for 155 km rising from an elevation of 2134m to its highest point, the Babusar pass, at 4173m. The region is alpine in geography and climate with forests and meadows dominating the landscape below peaks that reach over 17000 feet.

The Kaghan valley offers a variety of mountains, dales, lakes, water-falls, streams, glaciers and plateaus which are extremely beautiful. For the normal visitors who are visiting Kaghan, Naran is the best place to be as it is the place from where you can easily go to Lake Saiful Maluk (10,500 feet) or Lalazar plateaus and many more places like Babusar Top, one of the loveliest spots to camp to finally reach the Lulusar Lake.

Lalazar Plateau is just a half day jeep excursion from Naran which is a beautiful and scenic place and around 21 Km from Naran. You have to go through a dusty and rough jeep track from Batakundi. Some 16 km from Naran to finally reach at the plateau. Located at 3200m, this beautiful, meadow is awash with colorful alpine flowers in spring and summer, and set amongst the cool pine forests. It is known for its colorful flowers and intoxicating scents. On a clear sunny day it's possible to view snow covered peaks of "Falak Sonia" from Lalazar. This peak has also got a fairy tale story in its background like most of the other places in Kaghan valley. You may also see river Kunhar flowing roughly thousands of miles below the altitude you would be standing. A small inn caters to the needs of tourists at the top.

The beautiful thing about Lalazar is that a trek leads from Lalazar plateau down to Lake Saiful Maluk which takes around 5 hours roughly. Lalazar is a best place to camp as it is all lush green filled with beautiful large grassy grounds. On the way, one can also get a chance to see the rare wild life variety of "Markhor" on this track during the months of October and November.

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