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There was nothing in the world no system, no order, regulations and even creature. ALLAH with His wisdom and Might decided to create a world.

Life is More Than Food Clothes And Shelter:

There was nothing in the world no system, no order, regulations and even creature. ALLAH with His wisdom and Might decided to create a world, in which there will be human beings, plants, animals and some other small creatures.

The angels requested ALLAH to consider. His decision. The human being, whom ALLAH creates for worship, will get indulged in worldly riches and fascination. They will forget their mission. They will create disorder and disturbance. Man will forget his goal and will be lost in means. At that ALLAH answered those people who will obey Me , worship Me and follow My indicated path, will be rewarded in heaven a place where one gets all the facilities and fulfills all his wishes within seconds. And those who disobey will take their place in Hell a hottest ditch full of fire where the culprits will get their punishment.

Today whatever man possesses, all are the blessings of ALLAH Almighty. But man still disobeys ALLAH. He has so much greed for money that even he doesn't shirk to snatch the right of others. He wants to earn comfort at the cost of other people comfort. But in reality, it is not a rise, but the downfall of humanity. If a person wants to get satisfaction in both worldly life and in the life hereafter, he must stick to the principles of Islam. He must adopt simplicity, forgiveness, humbleness and justice.

In the era of Hazrat Umar (RA) when Makkah was conquered and all the stocks and money was brought to Madina, Hazrat Umar(RA) led as simple as he was leading before same kind of food, same rough clothes and same way and place to sleep. A few of the companions wanted to ask him but nobody could dare as Hazrat Umar (RA) had such a personality & temper that devil (Iblees) used to get out of his way. In such circumstances Hazrat Ayesha (RA) and Hazrat Hafsa (RA) the Ummahat UL Momineen were selected. They went to the Hazrat Umar (RA) house and received a warm welcome. Hazrat Ayesha (RA) started Hazrat (RA) you have got aged so you must eat soft food instead of hard.

You must wear light clothes instead of rough. You don't have that stamina so you must keep a servant. Moreover, you are the head of the state (Khalifa) so you must have proper sheet for the seating arrangement of the guests. After hearing all that the facial expression of Hazat Umar (RA) changed. He answered that if I had known before that those people have sent you for this very reason, I would have treated you in such a way that your faces would have turned black. After an interval he continued we were three friends (Companions) I-e, Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH), Hazrat Abu Bakkar Siddique (RA), and me, we all adopted the same path of simplicity and humbleness. Two of us already have reached to their destiny and now I am the third one. I will follow their footsteps, I will also reach my destiny. But if I get changed I'll lose my way. You go and tell all the people that I'm following the way of my two companions; our destination is only simplicity and humbleness.

People who lead simple life, Allah opens the door of heaven for them. Five times a day, the door, of heaven is opened. Good people get the opportunity to get in to it. But we have forgotten our end and are busy in the making comfort for thus worldly life. One day or another we have to meet death. On the Day of Judgment, all the deeds of man will come in front of him. Namaz, fasting, Zakkat and on the basis of all these deeds man will get reward or punishment. In this mechanized world, one has become a machine. He works with metal and stones and their hearts have become metals and stones with which they work.

We see people dying every day. One day we will also die. The improper roads, impure food, unemployment are not our problems. Even without these, one can spend his life. But without internal comfort, every thing is useless. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) also prohibited hoarding wealth. The main reality of man's life is death. Which no one can deny. We must spend our lives to win the happiness of Allah. If we are successful in this, all our problems will automatically be solved. We must be concerned about the Day of Judgment and the life after death.

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