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Disadvantages of Science & Technology


Since the 17th century science has entered into the modern age of its development. Science,

Disadvantages of Science

Since the 17th century science has entered into the modern age of its development. Science, which is based upon the knowledge of five senses, has stunned the world with great astonishment. Particularly the last half of the previous century and the beginning of the present century have contributed much more regarding developments in the field of science and technology. It is also an accepted fact that science has very much revolutionized the world. It has made everything very easy and accessible. No doubt science has brought astonishing changes in the field of health, defense, education entertainment, communication and social life. The conclusion can be drawn as the present world has been changed into a global village via communication advancement. No one gets bore by having the cheapest and easiest means of entertainment. This he enjoys only through science, similarly almost any new disease can be cured easily before spreading in the other places.

It is also an unveiled fact that news in one part of the world gets stale in the other part of the world just within minutes only due to advancement in communication, a success of science in this world. The air journey, the voyage in the ocean and the journey on road have been made comfortable, facilitated and quickened by the inventions of airplanes, bullet trains; air conditioned buses and coaches and ships containing restaurants and hotels. In a nutshell, the list of the benefits from science is unlimited due to greater number of inventions in every field. Though, its usefulness and benefits can't be ignored, science has also brought in some harm through its inventions. Science definitely has disadvantages. Human being seems very exhausted, bored and a bit confused due to its harms. For starters, consider the example of very big and destructive weaponry, advancement in the field of weapons. It is science which has introduced atomic bombs, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM,) air jets, B-52 bombers, pistols, guns and the list is long.

Destruction & Disadvantages of Modern Science

Disadvantages of Technology

It would not be exaggeration to say that the whole world can be destroyed just within few minutes by atomic bombs. It has already been witnessed that detonation of such bombs anywhere can destroy everything that comes under its influence and in many cases such areas becomes barren for years if not centuries, Hiroshima and Nagasaki are classical examples of such destruction. Similarly, science has made man very lazy in his temper and practice. His attitude has been changed in a different way. The goal of technology was to help man in achieving his goals easily, but due the abusive nature of human beings, technologies bring more harm than good. But this does not mean that technology is solely responsible for all the harm, human beings play a crucial role in the abuse of technology. Technology by itself does not do harm, it is the user who misuses technology and causes harm to the society.

In other words, man's efficiency and output in performing many daily works has been reduced. What happens is that when he is deprived of such facilities due to poorness or other inappropriate circumstances, he feels great stresses and also realizes his inabilities, thus making him extremely dependent on technology. Similarly, problem of pollution can be attributed to science. Due to vast modernization and industrialization, pollution has been divided into dozens of kinds such as air, noise, water etc. There seems to be no solution for controlling the pollution problem? The natural fertility power of earth has been disturbed due to toxic and poisonous fertilizers manufactured by science. Pollution has been detected as the main reason for disturbing the ozone layer, which is serves as the basic protective layer from ultraviolet and dangerous sun rays. The poisonous and the dangerous flux of gases and dust form uncontrolled vehicles and factories are badly affecting human's health on the one hand and the general atmosphere on the other.

Another important ethical point to be pointed out is the spread of vulgarity and obscenity. Vulgarity in the whole world is a slap on the face of the champions of morality. The recent inventions in the field of electronic media have made it simple for porn industry to flourish easily and that too at a very cheap cost. DVDs, CDs, Internet etc are the cheapest sources available at the doorsteps to all people. As a result societies have become morally corrupt and the day-to-day immoral happenings and the vulgar nakedness have led to vanishing of modesty and morality. In such confusion, religion has got great setback particularly Islam. The fact is no religion promotes vulgarity, but as porn industry is a major economy contributor in some countries, laws are made to protect them. This in turn makes vulgarity legal and any objections are considered as illegal.

Such abuse of scientific inventions has confused people from all walks of life. It has aroused in him a great difference and negative dynamism regarding his religion, tradition and culture. His theory and practice both have got contradiction and antagonism. Besides this, the basic concepts and Islamic teachings of economics, politics, justice, and morality are very much disturbed, not just Islam but every religion is affected. Science has put in danger the basic world's requirement such as morality, peace brotherhood, justice and humanism.

Stress from Technology

Similarly, science claims rather proudly that it has reduced and minimized the stresses of manpower. One person can ensure a manual work, which was considered to be fulfilled by dozens of people, i.e., by using machinery. But it has increased unemployment by affecting the third world countries in particular. The unemployment has become directly proportional to the population only by dint of science. The main requirement is harmonization, love and peace. They are considered to be beyond the five senses of knowledge but these prerequisites have been very badly disturbed by science. It has played no such contributing role in ensuring such characteristics in the society. It has not been successful in lifting the thick veil of ignorance from the third world societies up to the expectation. Moreover, it is natural that human beings feel afraid of brutality, class difference in society, injustice, extravagances, immortality, hatred, materialism, adulteration and so on.

But with great sorrow these bad things have been motivated and branched out by science whether directly or indirectly. The fruits of science have been unjustly distributed i.e., poor has been very ruthlessly deprived of such conveniences. A poor man still lives in a rusted area where drainage system is the worst, where he eats adulterated and stale food. He is still busy ploughing by the old traditional tools, where his wife washes his clothes by her hands and she wears it without being ironed, where he has mud house, where he is crying for cheap medicine and in a nutshell he lives in a dilapidated condition. Science has given comfort but it's being enjoyed only by few people and the rest are being deprived. Briefly, a conclusion seems difficult because of the complexity and confusion both in the society and the topic itself.

The views expressed in this article about "disadvantages / harms of science" are purely based on the opinion of the writer.

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