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The Godzilla of Conspiracy Theory, the HAARP project is known for unproven disasters rather than its potential for improving communication.

The Godzilla of Conspiracy Theory, the HAARP project is known for unproven disasters rather than its potential for improving communication.

Initiated in 1990, a research program created jointly created by the United States Air Force, United States Navy, University of Alaska and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) located in Alaska. The purpose of HAARP is to study Ionosphere. The Ionosphere is the upper part of Earth’s atmosphere which consists of mesosphere, atmosphere and exosphere. Ionosphere forms the Earth’s Magnetosphere, it also plays an important role in atmospheric electricity and it influences the radio propagation. The ionosphere stretches from 50 Km to about 1000 Km and it surrounds the whole Earth.

This HAARP station consists of an Ionosphere Research Instrument (IRI), a high power radio frequency transmitter, Very High Frequency Radar (VHF), Ultra High Frequency Radar (UHF), Flux gate Magnetometer and various other instruments. The Ionosphere Research Instrument temporary excites a limited area of the ionosphere and the rest of the instruments study the changes.


The HAARP project states that this research on Ionosphere is used to enhance radio communications and surveillance. HAARP directs a 3.6 MW signal into the ionosphere which is used for an advanced study into the natural processes that occur in the ionosphere. This study will enable scientist to improve ways and performance of communications and navigational systems such as the GPS and communication system of a submarine and to sense the mineral deposits underground.

Conspiracy Theories:

Though HAARP commits to openness by allowing people to visit the site and publish their finding in science journals but, it’s still seen by many as a weapon of mass destruction. The HAARP project has been blamed for many natural disasters and climate control, with some conspiracy theorists have gone as far as stating that it is also used for mind control.

Due to large amount of conspiracy theories regarding the HAARP project, its benefits are overshadowed by its harm. One journalist has called the HAARP project as the Moby Dick of conspiracy theories. Once the Russian military journal wrote that such testing’s by the HAARP would “trigger a cascade of electrons that could flip Earth’s magnetic poles”. The author of the book ‘Angels don’t play this HAARP’, Nick Begich has emphasized that the HAARP could trigger massive earthquakes and turn the upper atmosphere of Earth into a giant lens which would literally burn the Earth.

Conspiracy Theorists have held HAARP responsible for earthquakes in Pakistan and Philippines so as to scare the terrorists. It seems that earthquakes are the only line of defense to fight the terrorists. Computer skeptic scientist David Naiditch points that HAARP can be attributed to major power outrages, Gulf War Syndromes, Chronic Fatigue Syndromes and the drowning of the TWA Flight 800.

When the HAARP is at work targeting a specific area, there appear auroras in the sky. A phenomenon of such type was witnessed thirty minutes before the 2008 earthquake of Sichuan earthquake which was 8.0 on the Richter scale and killed about 68,000 people. Apart from this on 11th March, 2011 Japan was hit by an 8.9 Richter scale earthquake and prior to this people witness strange formations of clouds over the affected area which is a clear sign of HAAPR at work. Though there have been no scientific proof that this is the work of HAARP Project, still experts from around the world blame this sudden rise in earthquakes and floods on HAARP.

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