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Apple iphone


Iphone is a stylish and elegant smartphone designed by Apple Inc. How the Iphone got so much hype (well deserved) is because of the late CEO of Apple "Steve Jobs". In June 2007, the first Iphone was available for general public. Four years later Iphone 4S was released in October 2011.

Apple's IPhone

Iphone is a stylish and elegant smartphone designed by Apple Inc. How the Iphone got so much hype (well deserved) is because of the late CEO of Apple "Steve Jobs". In June 2007, the first Iphone was available for general public.Four years later Iphone 4S was released in October 2011. The Iphone has all the features a smartphone has. It has a camera with sharp pictures, a gadget with media player, surfing the web and thousands of Apps available in Apples APP store to to further extend its capabilities. For internet connectivity both Wi-Fi and Cellular data connectivity can be used.

App Store

Apple's App store was launched in 2008, application softwares for Iphone are available at third party sites as well as the official App store. In 2012, there are more than 500000 apps approved by Apple. These apps extends iphones functionality and range from Social Media apps to games, Security, Education, Productivity Apps and many more.

Generations of Iphone

The iphone has 5 generations models. And has IOS as an operating system. The first iphone was a GSM smart phone. The size of the screen and the button were kept the same in all iphone models.

Iphone 3G

Iphone 3G has all the features of the original iphone but it has the feature of 3G cellular network.

Iphone 3GS

Iphone 3GS comes with a faster processor then its predecessors. A high resolution camera with video recording capability at 480p.

Iphone 4

The iphone 4 has two built in cameras, the front camera used for video calling using FaceTalk or other applications like Skype. The front camera has relatively low resolution as compared to the rare camera that can capture videos at 720P, one major change in the Iphone 4 is the high resolution display of 960 x 640.

Iphone 4S

The iphone 4s was revealed in October 2011, with some major changes and extra features. The iphone 4S has an 8 Mega Pixels high resolution camera. The iphone can record high resolution videos of 1080p. Other features include a dual core processor and support for Face-detection. It can support CDMA & GSM/UMTS on a single Chip. And one exceptional functionality included was Siri, a natural language voice control feature. The iphone 4S is available in 16 GB, 32GB & 64 GB storage capacity.

Apple Iphone

Iphone Development

The iphone development started in 2005 with AT&T Mobility collaboration, during that time the development cost estimated was over 150 million US dollars.

Hardware & Interface

  • All models of iphone has LCD scratch resistance display of 3.5 inches (9cm).
  • Depending on generations the iphone generally has 4 or 5 buttons, A single Menu button is situated just below the screen called "Home Button".
  • At the bottom of there is the speaker to the left and a microphone to the right.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are used in iphone but the battery life of previous iphones were highly criticized. Camera
  • The original iPhone has 2.0 mega pixels, fixed focus camera.
  • Iphone 3G has 3.2 mega pixels, Auto focus camera.
  • Iphone 4 has 5.0 mega pixels camera with led flash and high dynamic range (HDR) feature.
  • Iphone 4s has 8 mega pixels camera with 1080p video recording capability.
  • Storage Capacity

  • Original iphone with 4gb & 8gb storage capacity.
  • Iphone 3g has 8gb & 16 gb capacity
  • Iphone 3gs has 8gb, 16 gb & 32 gb capacity
  • Iphone 4 has 8 gb, 16 gb & 32 gb capacity.
  • Iphone 4S has 16 gb, 32 gb & 64gb capacity.
  • Intellectual property, disputes & Law suits

  • 200 patents are filed by apple related to Iphone technology.
  • LG filed a law suit against Apple that iphone designed was copied from LG Prada.
  • Nokia filed a lawsuit in October 2009 against apple for infringement of GSM and WLAN patents of Nokia.
  • Iphone in Pakistan

    Despite iphone popularity in the United States and the Western world, it was in the late 2009 iphone become popular in Pakistan. In Pakistan, iphones are used mostly by youth and one reason for iphone not so popular in Pakistan is because of its price. And the other reason is popularity of relatively cheaper smartphones by Samsung with its open source. Operating system Adnroid. Samsung is giving a real tough time to apple in Smart Phones market, especially in Asian Markets.

    Iphone Prices in Pakistan

    Prices of More Iphones will be updated once released in Pakistan.

    Storage Capacity
    Price in Rupees
    Iphone 6Plus
    16 GB
    Iphone 6
    16 GB
    Iphone 5S
    64 GB
    Iphone 5
    64 GB
    Iphone 5S
    32 GB
    Iphone 5
    32 GB
    Iphone 5
    16 GB
    Iphone 4S
    32 GB
    Iphone 4S
    16 GB
    Iphone 4
    16 GB
    Iphone 3GS
    32 GB
    Iphone 3GS
    16 GB
    Iphone 3G

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