Wed, Nov

China Succeeded in Making the Largest Virtual Universe


Chinese scientists have developed the world's largest virtual universe for the first time. With the help of the world's fastest supercomputer, a Chinese scientist developed the largest virtual universe.

Which is named Sunway TaihuLight. According to the Chinese media, this Virtual Universe is 5 times larger than the computer universe manufactured by Zurich University specialists in June this year.

However, the Chinese Simulation universe work only for an hour, while the Swiss simulation continues for 80 hours. Through this type of computer simulation, astronauts help research the different regions of space. And they can try to highlight the mysterious elements like dark material and dark energy. In their experience the Chinese team has tried to create the universe's birth and its initial expansion.

However, there experience was not successful completely. According to experts, Chinese-made super-computers generally fail to run under their full potential. However, Chinese scientists expect that they will soon succeed in removing their system's problems and will be able to make such a simulation, Which can cover from the creation of the universe to the present. For this, the team is now working to produce 10 times faster machines from the current super computer till 2019.