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Amazing Advantage of Smartphone | Camera | Picture | video


If you have a habbit of taking too much photos from your smartphone, And you are always want to save every movement in your camera.

Then according to some new research there is some good news for you. and the good news is "The result of this habit improves memory".

Research said that the habit of taking pictures for social media is certainly improving the memory of that moment. Research also discovered that "Such people can explain more than seven percent better than others about that specific location where they travel'.

Interestingly, if people do not even see their taken images again, Yet, their memory improves significantly compared to those who do not like to take pictures. Researchers say that through such a wonderful experience Improving the memory can be useful at this time. When attending events regarding your career or education, you have to specify the details of event.

They said it is good news for those people Who likes to make various vidoes events for instagram. However, it was revealed in research That imaginary memory of such people works better, But the ability to speak is definitely affected.

According to researchers smartphone cam changed the lives of people in a significant way and they are accustomed to taking pictures. Remembering different things for such people is easier than others.