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New New dispute In Sharif Family | Nawaz Sharif | Shehbaz Sharif

Shareef Family

New coming Minister Shahbaz Sharif has facing alot of challenges in country, party, and in family, Now days he is facing a serious issuse of Who will be the First Lady if he became Prime Minister.

Because Kalsoom Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz has already against Tehminda Durrani To Enter Prime Minister House as The First Lady. Hamza Shahbaz also made it an issue of Ego and he is insisting that his step Mother Tehminda Durrani will enter to Prime Minister House as The Fist Lady

It is known from the sources of PML-N that last night there was a long discussion between Sharif Brothers regarding The First Lady, on Maryam Nawaz's advice Begum Kalsoom nawaz cleary told Nawaz Sharif that she will never tolerate her Sister-in-law Tehmina Durrani to be First Lady.

Therefore, they asked Nawaz Sharif to make it clear with Shehbaz Sharif that after taking oth you will never let Tehmina Durrani to enter Prime Minister House. and on other side Hamza Shahbaz has promised his mother that she (Tehmina Durrani) will stay at Prime inister House as First Lady right after his father get elected as Prime Minster Of PAKISTAN.